Chris Houle company founder since 1981


The landscape business has been my lifelong passion, starting with education in landscape design and continuing over the years with a
passion for working with my clients.


Working with developers, property management, home owners and public agencies to install and maintain attractive landscapes to increase your enjoyment and the value of your property.



Landscape Maintenance


Keeping your property looking beautiful and inviting throughout the year, we handle every aspect of landscape maintenance for a wide variety of clients including retail centers, corporate campuses, homeowner associations and private homes.






Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Turf areas mowed, trimmed, and edged
  • Shrubs, small trees and ground cover trimmed for neat and natural appearance
  • Trees and shrubs pruned according to plant species, time of year, flowering season, and location
  • Weeds controlled manually
  • Irrigation system inspected regularly and timers adjusted to climate and season
  • All debris removed from property

Landscape Construction


Houle Landscape Management provides quality landscape installation to insure the increased value of your property. Our staff at Houle L&M work with diligence to bring your project to its fullest potential.


Our staff is courteous and professional. We have the knowledge and experience you deserve. Our landscape improvements include; installation of new landscapes, seasonal flower design, landscape demolition, turf renovation, hardscapes, mulching of beds, tree management, irrigation upgrades and installation of new irrigation systems.


We install the landscape with maintenance in mind. Allowing for easier upkeep means less work and more time to enjoy the beauty.



Our installations encompass softscape and hardscape:


  • annuals
  • perennials
  • shrubs
  • trees
  • stone walls
  • concrete paths
  • water fountains
  • baseball fields
  • vegetable gardens
  • rose gardens


Additional Services


Chemical Spraying/Application -(QAL Qualified)


Lawn Aeration – Strengthens grass roots by allowing water and nutrients to travel deeper encouraging deeper root growth.


Thatching – Removing old dead grass from healthy green turf, encouraging new growth, making for a thicker and duller turf area.


Tree Trimming - Trimming of ornamental trees such as pear, plum pepper and ashe using selective pruning techniques